About Us

Hoot’s Ultimate Party Zone is one-of-a-kind…and has been since we opened our doors back in 2007. Hoot’s is Albuquerque, New Mexico’s only indoor inflatable play area, allowing you and your kids to enjoy active, heart-healthy fun and stress-free parties rain or shine.

Two little girls in playground. How Hoot’s Began

Hoot’s Ultimate Party Zone was started by Jeff Hooten (nicknamed Hoots), a man on a mission to get the most out of every waking moment. Jeff enjoyed a number of adventures as a pilot, skydiver and DJ. When not experiencing an adrenaline rush of his own, Jeff helped kids get theirs by providing inflatable jump gym rentals. However, over the years, Jeff saw the drawbacks:

  • The City of Albuquerque changed its policies and no longer allowed rented jump gyms on city property, so there were fewer places to host parties with them.
  • Outdoor-only equipment was weather-dependent, and he saw countless parties cancelled because of rain and colder than expected temperatures.

In response, Jeff set out to create a place you could always play. And, when his father, a realtor, helped him find an old warehouse with 24’-high ceilings, Hoot’s Ultimate Party Zone became a reality.

About Our Indoor Play Area

Hoot’s Ultimate Party Zone features three giant inflatable structures:

  1. Mountain climber
  2. Obstacle course
  3. Multi-activity jumper

We also have a 20’-long jungle gym with multiple climbing and balance challenges.

Our indoor play area is ideal for parties and everyday play. Physical and occupational therapists also use our indoor area to provide fun challenges to help their clients develop and strengthen their physical capabilities.

Our structures are inspected and sanitized daily. They are also inspected annually by the New Mexico Regulations & Licensing Department.

About Our Play and Party Services

Hoot’s founder established the indoor play arena “for kids to have fun and parents to be stress free.” After more than 10 years in business, customer service is still our #1 priority.

We offer comprehensive party packages so that all you have to do is invite your guests, come and play! We also have little extras—socks and snacks—in case you forgot so that your kids have everything they need to play.

Contact us with your questions about open play or party reservations. You may also use our online booking system to reserve your party date.

Hoot’s is the ultimate indoor play place and best venue for kids’ parties. Contact us to book your private party today!

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