FAQs about Our Kids Party Venue


Hoot’s Ultimate Party Zone is proud to offer kid-pleasing, parent-friendly parties. One way we try to make your party-planning stress-free is by providing the information you need before you even have to pick up the phone.

Here’s what you need to know about our party venue and packages:

How should I dress for activities at Hoot’s?

Hoot’s is climate-controlled, so you’ll be comfortable inside no matter the weather. However, your party will be very active—sliding, jumping and bouncing—so party-goers should dress in casual, comfortable clothing. The most important thing is to wear socks. Socks are required to play on the equipment.

Socks are required to play

How is a party at Hoot’s different than another indoor venue?

Hoot’s offers a better party experience because:

  • During private parties, only your guests are in the play area and party room—no big kids squashing little kids or strangers mingling with your invited guests.
  • We work hard to keep our venue clean and safe through ongoing preventive maintenance and safety inspections. As a result, our past party hosts have noted that our venue is the friendliest and brighter and cleaner than other indoor play areas.
  • Our inflatable structures are commercial-grade, so moms and dads can play on them, too.
  • Our ceiling is higher, allowing us to have bigger structures, including a 20’-tall slide and 40’ obstacle course.

How does a party at your venue differ from a “moonwalk” in my backyard?

For about the same price as one backyard inflatable, your guests can enjoy three oversized inflatable structures plus a 20’ jungle gym. And, everything is inside our climate-controlled, well-lit arena, and that means:

  • Your party can go on as scheduled, rain or shine
  • Our equipment stays clean and bright
  • You can schedule parties after dark

And, of course, when your party is over, we do all the cleanup.

Can I have more than the 25 kids that I scheduled to invite?

Yes…with advanced notice. Our play area accommodates more than 25 kids. However, our party rooms can only accommodate seating for 30 kids and standing room only for adults. Increasing your party count may result in a crowded, uncomfortable experience after play time is over. You will be subject to a $10/child charge for each child over the 25-guest count.

Please note, however, that the 25-guest count only includes kids. Unlike other party venues, Hoot’s does not charge for adults or children 2 years old or younger. And, the birthday child is always free!

I only have about 10 kids to invite. Are there less expensive options for your party venue?

Private parties give you exclusive use of our play area for one hour and the party room for one hour. So, Hoot’s does not charge on a per-child basis. However, we do have a limited number of times available for small parties (15 children or fewer) available for a reduced charge.

We caution you about going to other venues that offer low prices for small groups. Typically, you get what you pay for, and that is playing on a community playground with kids (and adults) who are not with your party.

Are streamers or confetti permitted in the party rooms?

No. We do provide cleanup, but materials that create an excessive mess or damage the party rooms may result in extra charges. For that reason, we do not permit piñatas, silly string, thumbtacks, streamers or confetti.

Can you help me with goodie bags?

Yes! Goodie bags are one of our available party extras. Each bag contains 7 to 9 items and come pre-assembled. The cost from Hoot’s is only $2.95/bag, less than half what it would cost if you bought the items retail (if you could even find them).

Can I bring my own food to the party venue?

No. The only outside food permitted is your celebration cake or other dessert. If you have guests with special dietary restrictions, please contact us to make arrangements.

Can we bring alcoholic beverages for the adults attending the party?

No. Hoot’s is a children’s party venue, so we do not permit alcohol in our facility.

Who serves the food we order?

We do! Your party host assists with cutting and serving and, of course, cleanup. Plus, the paper products you need—cups, plates, napkins and utensils—are included in your party package!

When do I order all the stuff for my party?

There are some party extras that must be ordered three days in advance of your party—cake or cupcakes, fruit and/or veggie trays. Other items, including pizza, drinks and goodie bags, are ordered when you arrive so that you are not charged for items for “no shows.”

Why do you recommend guests arrive at the venue 15 minutes before the scheduled party start time?

We want you to enjoy the full allotted time in our play area for play, but you cannot enter the play area until you have been briefed on our equipment and safety policies. So, we request you and your guests arrive a little early for the safety briefing.

Can I get a refund for guests who do not show up?

No. Hoot’s does not charge on a per-child basis, so we do not adjust prices for “no shows.”

Can adults play on the inflatable play structures?

Yes! We encourage adults to supervise and play with their children (space and safety rules permitting). Our commercial-grade inflatables have internal baffles, heavy gauge vinyl construction and high static air pressure with backflow protection to provide adults a safe, enjoyable play structure, too.

You may find more answers in our general play area FAQs. You may also download and complete our waiver prior to your arrival. If there is anything else you need, please contact us.

Hoot’s is the best venue for kids’ parties. Contact us to book your private party today!

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