Albuquerque’s Only Indoor Inflatable Gym

Hoot’s Ultimate Party Zone is the only indoor play area in Albuquerque that lets you jump, bounce, climb and race on three giant inflatable structures and our 20’-long jungle gym.

Our Inflatable Structures

Hoot’s has three amazing super-sized, heavy-duty inflatable structures:

The Mountain Climb

This inflatable structure challenges you to complete a steep near-20-foot climb up a toe-grip ladder. To exit, simply turn the corner and hop down the slide. Because this structure has two slides, you can race your friends down for added fun!

inflatable gymThe Obstacle Course

This structure contains a number of ups and downs, challenging your balance and climbing abilities. But, since this structure is full of air, you can safely fling your body over hills, through rollers and more. And, since there are two parallel courses, you can challenge your friends to a race to the finish.

The Multi-Sport

This jumper features a wide range of sport and game activities, including basketball hoops, climbing walls and floor targets, allowing you to make up games or play old games with new rules and challenges.

All our inflatable structures are commercial-grade, so they are durable enough for adults to join the fun!

Our Jungle Gym

Outside the inflatable play area is our 20’-long jungle gym that features a number of “rooms” with a variety of balance challenges, swings, slides and more. This is a great structure for racing, playing hide-and-seek and making up obstacle courses of your own.

The Benefits of an Indoor Inflatable Play Area

Hoot’s indoor inflatable play area provides a number of benefits for kids and parents, including:

  • Play area that’s open rain or shine (and hot or cold)
  • Play area that is safe because of our daily inspections and because your child cannot wander off
  • Play area that provides active, heart-healthy fun

Since we do not charge by the hour, Hoot’s provides one of the most affordable ways to play the day away!

No reservations are needed for open play times. You may contact us to inquire about low-volume play times that may be better suited for toddlers and children with special needs.

Visit Hoot’s, Albuquerque’s only indoor inflatable playground, for all-weather play with no time limits!

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